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Moon Dog Craft Brewery ‘Magnificent Mullet Series’

Moon Dog has this week released itsnew Mullet Series.The beer series includes three fruit sours named in honour of three of the best mullets of our time – the Melon DeGeneres, the MacGuava and the Billy Ray Citrus.

Moon Dog brewers have described how they brewed their Mullet series.

“The wort is brewed and then transferred warm to the fermenter and onto a few kilograms of malt in a bag. There is a range of yeasts and bacteria that naturally occur on the surface of the malt, which will then produce lactic acid – providing the acidity needed.

“When the pH is at the right spot, around 3.5, we transfer the sour wort back to the fermenter to boil (which kills all the yeasts and bacteria that soured the beer), add hops and then transfer back to a new, clean fermenter where we pitch normal brewing yeast.”

The beers are now available in Moon Dog’s new 440ml cans.

Modus Operandi Brewing Co ‘Future Factory II’

Modus Operandi has announced the launch of a second Future Factory release, promising that Future Factory II is even bigger this time around. Coming in at 10% ABV, Future Factor II is a hazy, hop-laden, tropical citrus triple IPA.

Modus’ first national limited release of 2019, Future Factory II will be available from today at launch venues includingHeartbreaker Melbourne, The Franklin Hotel Adelaide, The Royal Albert Hotel Sydney, Grain Store Newcastle, Archive Brisbane, The Old Canberra Inn and Modus HQ.

Little Bang Brewing Company ‘Exoplanet’

South Australia’s Little Bange Brewing Company has brewed a super nerdy, new world Pilsner.

“We’ve taken a bright, traditional Pilsner recipe and given it a bunch of new-world hops to chew on. We’ve dedicated this beer to six of the coolest new worlds discovered so far out there in our ridiculous, awe-inspiring universe.”

The 5% ABV Pilsner has been packed in six different can designs, each illustrating a different Exoplanet. This will be the first Little Bang beer to be packaged in the brewery’s new-look design. Exoplanet has been scheduled for releaseon February 26 to coincide withthe Adelaide Fridge showInterstellar Friend Request.

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