New board members at IBA

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Good AfternoonIBA Members,

We have just wrapped up our AGM and although I know everyone is super busy at the moment (thankfully!) I thought you might like to know about the makeup of the Board and some of the major pieces of work on the agenda for the next 12 months.

First cab off the rank, please congratulate our new Board Directors:

  • Evin Craney from Bright Brewery
  • Matthew Shortal from Great Ocean Road Brewing
  • Chris Cefala from the Local Brewing Co.

They join our existing crew of:

  • Clare Clouting, Gage Road Brewery
  • Richard Watkins, Bentspoke Brewing Co.
  • Callum Reeves, KAIJU! Beer
  • Lauren Jack, Ballistic Brewing Co.

It really is the end of an era as we say good-bye to Corinna Steeb and Dereck Hales. Dereck and Corinna joined the Board during a significant time of change for our organisation and have contributed over and above for the last 3 years not only for the national industry as a whole but also for their local stakeholders. Please join with me in shouting out a massive THANK YOU to Dereck & Corinna.

The Board have decided to work a little differently for the next year as we have spent the last few months debating the merits of the Constitution, Board structure, opened pandoras box time and again in terms of what defines independence and undertaken an analysis of our membership structure. These are all good things to do to ensure the health of an association and for us, we know that the lay of the land has changed significantly since the Constitution was written back in 2017.

So for this andmany other reasons we are now announcing a full review of the IBA Constitution. This is a big piece of work but we know many members will welcome the opportunity to lift the hood and to check that the engine is running the way it should. There will obviously be a number of consultation milestones throughout the process where we will call for your views and at the end, a special meeting to adopt a new framework.

Richard Adamson has done a good deal of work on this, as our most recent Chair so, he has agreed to say on in an advisory role to the Board while we go through this major piece of work.

I am also really pleased to be able to let you know thatRichard Watkinsis your newChair, and the new seat ofDeputy Chairand Treasurer will be determined at the December Board meeting.

Thanks to everyone who nominated and participated in this years AGM – we’re so lucky you all care enough to be a part of this process.

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