Peter Meddings steps back from Bintani

Pete Medings with Phil, Dale and Mitch Bradey

Pete Medings (second from left) with sons Phil and Dale and Bintani rep Mitch Bradey

Industry pioneer Peter Meddings has announced he will be stepping back from his operational role at Bintani as of Monday 6 July.

Meddings founded ingredients supply business Bintani 25 years ago in a shed in his Melbourne backyard, initially supplying yeast and malt extracts for homebrewers.

From these humble beginnings the business has grown to become a major supplier of brewing ingredients to the whole industry, employing 24 staff with warehouses in four Australian states and both the North and South islands of New Zealand.

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In 2018 Bintani partnered with US-based Rahr Corporation, which owns Brewers Supply Group.

Peter Meddings out standing in his field

Peter Meddings

Meddings said in an interview with supplier Simpsons Malt last year that it was his love of home brewing that led to him opening the business.

“I started homebrewing in 1972 and a friend asked me to work on some yeast with him. We did some trials and I saw potential in a yeast which is now known as S-33,” he said.

“Then I got a job working in the homebrew market, followed by an industrial sales role with malt extracts for Wander.

“The craft beer market was just starting to take off then and I enjoyed working with those guys so much that I started my own business.”

Meddings’ entry into the business came at a time when one of the greatest obstacles facing pioneering craft brewers was obtaining quality ingredients.

The rise of craft beer today was in many ways made possible by people like Meddings who had the same passion that craft brewers had and were willing to take a chance on investing in the burgeoning industry.

Peter has been an unwavering supporter of brewers and breweries since starting Bintani in 1995.

“I couldn’t be prouder or more grateful that we’ve been able to build a successful business in this industry, but more importantly, help others do the same along the way,” he told the interviewer last year.

While handing over his responsibilities as CEO to his sons Phil and Dale Meddings, Peter will remain active as a director on the board of Bintani Australia and continue to consult to the business two days a week.

Brews News wishes Peter continued success in the next stage of his career.

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