Radio Brews News - Episode 71 - Steve Jeffares and Hottest 100

This week we catch up with Steve Jeffares of Local Taphouse, GABS and the annual Hottest 100 craft beer poll.

Voting opens for the much debated, always interesting Hottest 100 craft beer countdown on December 14 and we wanted to chat with Steve about what’s in store t

Steve Jeffares rings in the opening of a session of GABS

Steve Jeffares rings in the opening of a session of GABS

his year, both for the polling and for the countdown. Steve also surprises us with the announcement, since made public, that GABS is going to Auckland in 2016.

We also take a call from Owen Johnston from Hop Products Australia to clear up some confusion from Episode 70 inw hci our guest suggested that Galaxy Hops were a genetically modified hop strain. OJ assures us that they’re not.

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Radio Brews News is hosted by Matt Kirkegaard and Pete Mitcham and is produced by Lachie Mackintosh.

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