Recalls for WA breweries

Two breweries in Western Australia’s South West are the latest breweries nationally to undertake a product recall after issues with new releases.

Beerfarm pulled its Pineapple Berliner Weisse kegs because of a re-fermentation problem, while Rocky Ridge called back cans of the fourth instalment of its Rock Juice NEIPA after detecting carbonation defects.

These latest incidences follows the move by Moon Dog to issue a product recall last month for its Son of a Plum 330ml bottles. The Melbourne brewery advised the product batch “may have experienced a secondary fermentation in the bottle causing excessive carbonation and a risk that removal of the bottle cap could potentially result in injury”.

In a public message to consumers, Beerfarm said it “caught wind of some keg pouring issues from ambient kegs and suspect that refermentation has occurred in some so have decided not to risk the same happening to the rest of the stock”.

“Because we place such a premium on cold storage and delivery, most of the stock is unaffected, however, it would be negligent of us as a business not to play it safe and we want to ensure we aren’t releasing any sub-par products into the market.

“All is not lost and wasted with this current batch – with all of the remaining stock set to go into barrel to live another day!

“As a company, we want to be open about this issue because when you (our customers) are paying top dollar for a product we will never compromise on quality and that’s a promise!!

Rocky Ridge reported Rock Juice had a slightly lower than normal CO2 level in the beer.

“It’s come to our attention that there are issues with most of this batch of Rock Juice in cans, we are absolutely heartbroken that this has happen and are investigating the cause. We will of course keep you in the loop,” the brewery said in a public statement.

We apologise for this- it’s definitely not our intention to release sub-par products and we will be incredibly diligent with our processes and QA (Quality Assurance) from here on.

“We will do better.”

Both Beerfarm and Rocky Ridge have quickly become two of WA’s most popular breweries and have a strong emphasis on using produce from the State’s South West in their short-term releases.

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