SafBrew DA -16: Designed for Dry and Aromatic Beers

A new solution designed especially for Dry and Aromatic Beers

Yeasts and enzymes are amazing brewing tools. The choice you make will safeguard production and consistent fermentation performance, and also impact the flavour and aroma profiles.

As experts in the art of fermentation, Fermentis works every day to bring you innovative solutions of the highest quality.

SafBrew™DA -16 is the new solution from Fermentis especially for dry, hop forward, fruity beers. Thanks to the combination of a specifically selected saccharomyces cerevisiae with a natural glucoamylase enzyme, this all-in-one solution will ferment and completely attenuate any low to high gravity wort in no time and it will achieve up to 16% ABV.

With the influence of the selected yeast, this solution is not only efficient and practical, but it enhances distinct hop characters and fruity esters. The perfect solution to make the Brut IPA of your dreams and deliciously dry, fruity beers and amazing aromas, in a variety of ABV levels.

Find SafBrew™DA-16 on the Fermentis Make Your Choice chart below. It is a baseline sensory analysis chart comparing all of our brewing yeasts in neutral conditions.

SafBrew DA -16

Fermentis Make Your Choice



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