Sobah showcased at Austrade promotion in Malaysia

First Nations-owned alcohol-free beer maker Sobah Beverages has been included in the first international promotion of Australia’s premium no-alcohol beverages at an invitation-only event in Kuala Lumpur this week.

Austrade this week reported that Sobah was one of the Australian low and no-alcohol beer, wine and spirit producers that presented their products at the tasting for Malaysia’s beverage importers, distributors, and representatives of hotel, restaurant and catering sectors.

Sobah was the only brewery in the eleven producers that included alcohol-free spirits makers Seadrift Distillery and Pure Vision Wines.

The event was identified as an opportunity for Australian producers to be identified as being at the “forefront of innovation” in the non-alcoholic segment.

Austrade said in a release that Singapore and Malaysia represent key markets for Australian food and beverages in Southeast Asia.

“Australia’s reputation for high-quality, clean and green products is well-known and appreciated by Malaysian consumers. Demand for innovative, high-quality products is high,” the release noted.

Melanie Harris, Trade and Investment Commissioner, Kuala Lumpur, says the event had received strong support from Australian brands. Importantly, local importers are also acutely aware there is increasing demand among consumers.

“There is a need to get ahead of the growth to position new and innovative products in the market, Harris said in a statement.

“Despite our high-quality products, good branding and positive reputation in the market, we are not without competitors. This event serves to provide a platform to launch a line of new beverage products in Malaysia and other ASEAN markets.”

Sobah uses native Australian ingredients such as Finger Lime, Pepper Berry and Davidson plum to create unique distinctly Australian non-alcoholic beverages.

“We are immensely proud of the quality and integrity we bring to our non-alcoholic beers and our commitment to enhancing and championing First Nations culture,” Head Brewer Luke Cooper said in the statement.

‘The opportunity to work with Australian native ingredients, innovate and market new and exciting flavours to overseas consumers is really exciting,” he said.

SOBAH announced in March that it was working on a grant-funded market readiness project to launch in United Kingdom with a soft launch at UK venues in May and June with plans to travel to the UK this month.

Austrade has a Go Global Toolkit to provide businesses with an interest in export information about the basics, including finding the right markets and understanding market requirements.

Hear Sobah founders Clinton Schultz and Lozen McDiarmid-Schultz discuss their plans for Sobah and the future for alcohol-free beers on the Beer is a Conversation podcast.

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