Social media complaints still preoccupying ABAC

The Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code has released its latest quarterly report, noting social media posts continue to be the largest source of complaints to its adjudication panel.

The report also noted that the Code standard most commonly breached this quarter was images of alcohol use with swimming pools and other activities that require a high degree of alertness or physical coordination.

A total of 121 complaints were made during the quarter, with 62 determinations made, of which just over half were upheld. A further 21 of the complaints did not raise issues covered by the Code.

While ‘high-risk’ activities and models under 25 have drawn the attention of complainants, an ABAC adjudication panel also recommended that time limits be imposed for complaints after being forced to rule on a five-year-old social media post during the quarter.

The report also noted the new Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code (ABAC) online training course is proving its value with strong uptake throughout the quarter.

“It has been very pleasing to see that a few months after launch of the free training course, more than 200 industry participants have undertaken the training, demonstrating their commitment to responsible marketing practices.” ABAC Chair Harry Jenkins AO said.

“The positive feedback we have received on how helpful the course has been shows it to be a very worthwhile use of 1¼ hours for anyone (marketers, agencies, designers) involved in the marketing and packaging of alcohol and we encourage all industry participants to make use of this service.

ABAC’s Second Quarterly Report for 2021 detailing decisions made during the past quarter is available here.


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