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We have finally received the following release. There’s nothing really to add to yesterday’s story and no need to draw more attention to the statement “VB is a beer that is brewed to be consumed ice cold” but please excuse the snorts of derision coming from the Brews News bunker over “Aussie drinkers are rewarded with the perfect balance of flavour and ice cold temperature”.

Lest we be accused of being beer snobs, our hoots of derision aren’t about the beer, just the marketing. You know what you like and from the feedback we get many of our readers do enjoy a VB. If that’s you, go for it – happy summer! If you’re buying, we’ll even join you for one. But if you’re drinking it from the freezer at sub-zero temperatures, it’s really not the beer’s ‘perfect balance of flavour’ that you’re enjoying.

Gadgets aside, the media release doesn’t mention the best element of the VB campaign, the carton/icebox. This is available too.

Media Release

For the best cold beer you need the best cold gear.

VB Vending Machine

Thursday November 10th 2011: This summer VB is giving Aussies the chance to achieve cold beer perfection, releasing a series of world-first innovations designed to help beer drinkers drink their VB at its optimum temperature – ice cold.

The ‘best cold gear’ promotion kicks off on Monday 14th November, with fans able to redeem on-pack codes for either the:

  • The VB Vending Machine – a specially designed vending machine that dispenses ice cold VB stubbies
  • The VB Thermo Cooler – the quintessential portable cooling bag with a built in thermometer and LCD screen
  • The VB Ice Cold Alarm – the ultimate beer-saving device, set to be the saviour of hundreds of beers this summer

“VB is, and always will be, the best cold beer”, said Andy Meldrum, general manager of marketing. “The best cold gear makes it easier for VB drinkers to enjoy their favourite beer at its optimum temperature. VB is a beer that is brewed to be consumed ice cold. It’s unashamedly full in flavour so, in the heat of the summer, Aussie drinkers are rewarded with the perfect balance of flavour and ice cold temperature.”

VB Thermo Cooler

The VB Vending Machine stands over 1.2 metres tall and delivers ice cold VBs at the push of a button. A fully-functioning machine, it features the classic vending machine shape and action, and will serve up cold beers all summer long. Fans can get their hands on the machine simply be redeeming 12 unique codes online and sending in the postage and handling.

The VB Thermo Cooler is a souped-up cooler bag. This product is perfect for any VB devotees looking to keep their beers cold while they are on the move. It features a built in thermometer and LCD screen showing the temperature inside the cooler bag at all times, so they can rest assured that their beers are keeping cold. This product is redeemable with three unique codes.

VB ice cold alarm

The VB ice cold alarm is the cold beer solution every Aussie has been looking for. The days of frozen beers are gone – the VB ice cold alarm allows Aussies to optimize the amount of time spent chilling to get their VB to ice cold perfection, sounding the classic VB theme tune to announce when they are at the perfect beer drinking temperature. VB has 35,000 ice cold alarms to giveaway to anyone that redeems two unique codes online.

VB is also releasing a special edition ‘Ice Box’ carton this summer. The limited-edition carton is 100% waterproof, specially designed to transform from carton to cooler with the addition of ice. The 24-pack carton features a perforated lid which, when opened, gives easy access to the loose packed bottles like a traditional cooler. Just add ice to create the ultimate disposable ice box, perfect for keeping your beers cold when you’re out and about.

For more information on the best cold gear then, please visit

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