4 Pines launches Imperial IPA

ImperialIPA_FinalFresh and fearless, the Imperial IPA is the first Keller Door small-batch brew of 2016; marching straight out of 4 Pines’ Brookvale brewery and into local bottle shops within hours of bottling.

From Gengis Khan, the Aztecs or Romans to colonial Brits, we wouldn’t be where we are today without imperialism. For many, this wasn’t cool. What is cool is this Imperial IPA; a style imperialised to perfection.

After chewing your way through a fat malty body, you’ll be smacked in the face by a dogged bitterness. Aggressive pineapple and tropical aromas ascending from new-world hop varieties will see you pleading for a super-hopped, new-world order.

To be drunk responsibly while tackling a mound of jalapeno-covered nachos or a spicy curry that will knock your socks off.

Available now from leading bottle shops around the country.

RRP $11 / 500ml bottle 9% ABV / 84 IBU

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