4 Pines puts fresh slant on IPA

4 Pines In Season IPA is out now

The latest addition to 4 Pines’ core range is an IPA with a rotating hop bill based on what is in season globally.

4 Pines In Season IPA has been releasedin cans for the first time following several draught-only iterations.

The debut packaged version features Northern Hemisphere hops Columbus, Chinook, Idaho #7 and Crystal, offering tangerine, mango and peach notes, according to 4 Pines.

“Hops are picked annually in the Southern Hemisphere and annually in the Northern Hemisphere, roughly six months apart,” the brewer says.

Batch 4 is the first in cans

“So if your IPA recipe is the same year round, just before the next season’s hops are ready to be harvested, conceivably you are drinking hops over 12 months old.

“We ensure that every six months, around the time of the latest hop harvest (Northern or Southern Hemisphere), the best, freshly harvested hops from around the globe are in your glass.

“That’s where the In Season part comes in for 4 Pines In Season IPA.”

4 Pines says it will only be brewing the beer in small batches so that consumers are drinking it as fresh as possible.

“Freshness can’t make any bad beer taste good, but staleness can make even the best beers taste really bad,” the brewer says.

In Season IPA has an ABV of 6.3 per cent and is 67 IBU.

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