A new era of brewing begins with Felons Barrel Hall

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Since its opening in late 2018, Felons Brewing Co. at Howard Smith Wharves has become Brisbane’s favourite waterfront brewery. With its ever-growing popularity, Felons Brewing Co. is thrilled to announce they are embarking on a new adventure that redefines beer and the brewery experience, by taking over Howards Hall to establish Felons Barrel Hall, where uniquely aged beers, a punchy, flavoursome menu and cultural performances are brought together in a modern Australian take on a German beer hall.

Opening on Friday 9 October, Felons Brewing Co.’s brewers are crafting unique beers with an adventurous spirit in the new space, which has been transformed and offers a completely different experience to the original Felons Brewing Co. Designed to feel grand with a touch of rock n roll, Felons Barrel Hall will, within time, feature one-of-a-kind barrel aged beers. Using a series of hand-selected ex-wine barrels to explore new flavours within beer, the specially aged beers will celebrate local produce, and offer a kaleidoscope of new and exciting flavours for Felons’ fans to try. This range of new beers is slated to be released later in 2021.

“We invite the Brisbane community to come with us on this journey of discovery at Felons Barrel Hall as we unearth the magic of barrel conditioning and blending beer. We’re excited about sharing these beers later in 2021, which will display patient craftsmanship and evoke delicate and undiscovered flavours – we can’t wait for everyone to try them,” said Tom Champion, Head Brewer

Served in half litre and one litre steins, a core range of crisp and delicious Felons Brewing Co. beers will be offered at Felons Barrel Hall, along with some selected limited and seasonal release beers. The experience is paired with the upcoming distinctive flavours of the barrel aged beers. A bold, unpredictable menu features dishes served with a range of hot chips. From decadent rainbow painted crayfish to Moreton Bay bug loaded fries, locally and sustainable caught coral trout and a range of vegetable and salad options packing a punch. This menu is worthy of travelling for. Bursting with flavour and designed to pair perfectly with a stein of crisp and hazy Felons Natural Ale. The dishes use only the best Australian ingredients that are ethically farmed and fished to support like-minded local producers to the brewers. For those who prefer wine, an offbeat wine list showcasing natural wine makers from around Australia also features.

“We’re excited to unearth a new side of Felons which has not yet been revealed. After two years of brewing at our home on the Brisbane River, we’ve decided now is the perfect time to take the next step in our journey with Felons Barrel Hall,” said Dean Romeo, Felons Brewing Co’s Marketing Manager.

It’s not only the refreshing beers and punchy menu that will draw a crowd to Felons’ new endeavour, but also the range of performances Felons Barrel Hall will play host to. From smooth family-friendly sounds to emerging artists to some of Australia’s leading performers, along with viewings of arthouse films and interactive performances, Felons Barrel Hall will be putting on shows you won’t want to miss.

Inspired by the German beer halls of Europe and grounded in the elegance of a masterfully blended experience, elements of Felons Barrel Hall’s zig zag roof speak to the brewery’s iconic diamond logo, while there’s no mistaking Felons Brewing Co. takes their brewing seriously, with the main bar framed by four 6,000 litre beer tanks. Lining the walls are a mixture of French and American Oak ex-wine barrels, which give way to seating areas to fit all walks of life to come and relax and enjoy comfortably, the space also has a kid’s area for families to enjoy and a stage complete with a disco ball.

Open from 11am – late Thursday – Sunday, Felons Barrel Hall is set to become a destination where Brisbane locals and visitors alike can sip through the range of fresh Felons beers, indulge in delicious food and immerse themselves in a colourful blend of live cultural performances.

To celebrate opening weekend, some of the most energetic and vibrant live acts to come out of South East Queensland will be performing.


About Howard Smith Wharves

Originally constructed in the 1930s, the Howard Smith Wharves were a project to provide locals with relief work during the depression. Largely abandoned since the 1960s, these astonishing spaces are now heritage listed—a rare surviving example of early infrastructure building in the city, with their offices and sheds and wharfage still intact. They lie along the river’s edge, below the cantilever Story Bridge, and are backed by soaring cliffs and 2.7 hectares of natural parkland.Howard Smith Wharves is a world-class tourism, recreation, dining and lifestyle destination, offering access to and from the river in a way that’s sensitive to its history and to the city’s future needs.

Howard Smith Wharves includes a 164 room, 5-starArt Series The Fantauzzohotel, unique boutique function spaces, with the focus is overwhelmingly on generating spaces for locally made food and beverages to thrive. At HSW, visitors can dine at unique restaurants with both rising stars and acclaimed chefs at their helm. They can also sample locally-brewed schooners at Felons Brewing Co, the only brewery located on the Brisbane river.

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