Alcohol re-packaging allowances rescinded by ATO

The Australian Tax Office has announced that measures brought in to help businesses during COVID are being rescinded.

Support measures which allowed flexibility for alcohol repackaging for venues and the relaxing and streamlining of alcohol licensing and permit rules for hand sanitiser production are being rolled back.

From 1st February, normal arrangements will resume, it said in a statement yesterday.

Rules in states and territories were also relaxed to allow the sale of takeaway alcohol, such as kegged beer repacked in growlers or canimals.

Normally the ability to repackage kegged beer or cocktails required an excise manufacturer licence and the payment of excise duty.

While it was relaxed, it allowed venues without the manufacturer licence to sell kegged beer, such as stock that would have gone to waste during the venue restrictions and closures of the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Also in early 2020, the ATO relaxed rules relating to hand sanitiser manufacturing and permit rules.

The ATO has now rescinded these flexibilities, and venue owners and managers without the licence should be aware of the changes.

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