Archer on the hunt for new premises

Brisbane’s Archer Brewing is on the hunt for new premises after its former home at The International Hotel in Spring Hill was recently sold.

Archer co-owner Stuart Martin says it’s a positive for the brewing business.

Martin told Brews Newsthat the one-and-a-half-year-old brewery had outgrown the International Hotel’s brewery site.

“We’ve outgrown the space, so it was a kick up the bum that we needed.”

On the hunt for new premises and new equipment, Martin said that the brewery is looking for investors to aid in the next phase of Archer Brewing.

He said that in the meantime, co-owner and head brewer Gavin Croft would be gypsy brewing to keep up with output.

“We started out as a gypsy brewing brand,” Martin explained.

“But when the opportunity at The International Hotel came up, we would’ve been mad to turn it down.”

Martin said that he is in talks with a few interested parties.

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