Australian Brewery expansion: Contract brewing opportunities

The Australian Brewery has been proudly brewing in Sydney’s Hills district since 2010. With champion trophies and over 15 gold medals won since 2016 AB has always been associated with quality. With a team of experienced brewers including Senior Brewer Charlie Claridge, Weihenstephan University trained Max Hammerle and Helmed by Head Brewer Dan Shaw, the brewery is well versed in making a variety of beer styles.

With recent additional fermentation capacity, brewing efficiency improvements and a brand new 12/1 filler Palmer canning line. After several successful collaborations, AB is looking to make available some tank space for the right partners in a contract brewing arrangement. Having brewed beers over the years for acclaimed gypsy brewer Doctors Orders as well as Yulli’s Brews and others; the team is equipped to provide a range of services. This includes recipe creation and supplier negotiations.

Ninety hectolitre tanks can be divided between packaged and draught, with forty hectolitre tanks available for smaller runs. An ability to apply labels on cans in house gives brewers the chance to release seasonal beer into the market.

A full QA program ensures the highest quality beer including in house can seam analysis and DO testing. Full package micro testing available on request AB was the first Australian craft brewer in 2012 to exclusively package its beer in cans for an improved product. Innovation and quality continues to be of the highest importance to the brewing team.

“We have always enjoyed making beers with and for our friends in the industry. Now with this extra capacity we are looking forward to opening it up to more brewers and exciting beers.”

Dan Shaw – Head Brewer

The Australian Brewery is seeking interest from the industry for brewers looking to produce beer under license. This could be to assist with growth on a semi-permanent basis or for regular seasonal beers. For any enquiries, please contact

The Australian Brewery is opened its doors in 2010 and was founded by a family of six brothers. In 2012 the Brewery was the 1st craft producer in Australia to package exclusively in cans for fresher beer and to be more environmentally friendly. In 2017/18 the Brewery has won 13 x gold medals across the three major beer awards in Australia, including best NSW beer for Seis Hermanos Lager at Sydney Royal in 2018. The Australian Brewery is proudly independent.

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