Australian-made King Keg now available

Australian made King Keg now offers breweries and beverage manufacturers the ability to reach a wider consumer market without the added cost of investing in and tracking stainless steel kegs.

“After years of development, design and testing, the King Keg is now starting to help businesses extend their product offerings into foreign and other market opportunities,” Keg King CEO and King Keg Head of Development, Mr Will Fiala explained.

“Our light protected, oxygen barrier King Keg is a 20 litre rapid keg supplied as a pallet of 60 nitrogen purged, sanitised, ready to fill units that can be speared in A or D type varieties.”

“King Keg provides users with water savings, time savings, financial savings and is already helping our customers reach markets in China and South East Asia.”

“These are the strongest P.E.T. kegs on the global market and offer the highest level of safety, quality and reliability. Each tank is individually pressure tested to 5 Bar.”

“Each keg has the added safety benefit of our patented pressure relief valve located in the neck of the tank so it remains safe even when coupled to draft or filling systems.”

“Up to 40 full units can be stacked and shipped on a standard pallet meaning up to 800 litres can be transported conveniently.”

“Users will also enjoy the fact that our King Keg is 100% recyclable and can also be repurposed or reused as well.”

“Our goal was always to design and manufacture King Keg right here in Australia to bring the beverage world the highest standard of quality in a P.E.T. rapid keg that can deliver value and performance to our customers globally.”

“We are so proud to now be able to offer this product and supply the beverage industry professionals with a safe, reliable packaging solution that will help them achieve there extended distribution goals.”

For further information regarding King Keg 20L Rapid Kegs or to place orders contact the Sales Group on 03 9089 0122

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View the set up and creation of our Australian King Keg Manufacturing Facility in Springvale, Victoria.

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