Australia's newest gluten-free brewery is open

Australia’s newest craft gluten-free brewery and taproom opened to the public on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula over the weekend.

Founder Richard Jeffares

Two Bays founder Richard Jeffares

Located just outside of Dromana’s town centre and around the corner from recently commissioned Jetty Road Brewery, Two Bays Brewing Co has finally come to fruition.

Two Bays founder Richard Jeffares, who was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2015, said that he couldn’t reconcile not being able to drink beer and decided to explore what gluten-free options were available to him.

Having travelled to the United States in 2016, Jeffares said that he was blown away by the shear number and quality of gluten-free craft beers available in the US.

Wanting to bring that same quality to the Australian market, Jeffares secured exclusive importation rights of 15 specialty malt varieties – including millet, buckwheat and rice – which he has been trialling on a pilot system since mid-2018, while also distributing the grains to homebrewers.

Jeffares told Brews News he is “relieved” to have finally opened to the public.

“The best part of opening was seeing the happiness on the faces of our customers when they had the opportunity to explore a tasting paddle, and the conversations they were having with their drinking partners about each beer – what they liked, what they didn’t,” Jeffares explained.

“The sort of experience that I remembered from my ‘pre-gluten free days’.

“I was also surprised by how many ’non-gluten-free’ people came along to try the beers, because they were interested in how a beer tasted when it was made from the different grains – and they all stayed for a few beers… so I thought that was a good sign.

“I’m already working on the things that we need to improve on to make sure everyone has the best experience possible.”

Jeffares also told Brews News that Two Bays cans have now been printed.

Two Bays head brewer Andrew Gow, formerly of Mornington Peninsula Brewery and Mountain Goat Brewery, said that this has been his first brewing experience with gluten-free grains.

“Brewing with gluten-free grains, such as millet, rice and buckwheat, offers a fresh set of challenges and new sensory experiences,” Gow explained.

“It’s early days but I see no reason why we can’t make beers for everyone to enjoy, gluten intolerant or not.”

A national online release of Two Bays Coeliac Australia Certified Pale Ale will be available direct to customers in early 2019, although the brewery’s early supporters will have the opportunity to purchase its first packaged release later this month. A packaged pilsner and IPA will follow later in the new year.

Two Bays Brewing follows Australia’s largest producer of gluten-free beer John O’Brien, of Victoria’s Rebellion Brewing.


The Two Bays Taproom is located at Unit 1/2 Trewhitt Court, Dromana, VIC 3936 and will open on Friday from 3.00pm to 10.00pm, on Saturday from 12.00pm to 10.00pm and Sunday from 12.00pm to 7.00pm.

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