Beer InCider up for sale

Beer Incider

Beer InCider founder Marty Keetels has announced he is seeking expressions of interest for the sale of the festival he founded seven years ago.

Beer InCider, which also includes Beeries, an awards evening for the Queensland beer industry, has grown to be a major element of the Queensland beer scene with more than 12,000 patrons attending the event in September last year.

Keetels said it was a hard decision but he sees himself as an entrepreneur, preferring to get businesses started, and after seven years of running the events he is ready to start another business and another journey.

“[Beer InCider] was a figment of someone’s imagination before we brought it to life and it’s that process that I find the most exciting part of the journey of business,” Keetels said.

“[My wife] Alex and I have also just had our second baby and I have also been growing an industrial robotics business for the last five years and we are looking to take that national.

“It’s great that we have developed a business into a position where we can sell it and it will provide value to its future owners.”

“One of the main reasons we have put it on the market, seeking expressions of interest, is that we think it could be more valuable than it already is to us at the moment.”

Keetels said that while it was a difficult decision he feels the business will be more valuable in the hands of someone that has that skill set of running it from a day-to-day perspective.

Interested parties can reach express their interest by emailing

You can hear more about Keetels decision to sell Beer InCider on this week’s Brews News Week podcast.

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