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Neil Witte

This week in Beer is a Conversation we share a chat that Brews News editor James Atkinson had with Neil Witte of Craft Quality Solutions while he was in Washington DC at Brewers Association Conference back in April.

Neil Witte is the founder of Craft Quality Solutions LLC, which is the very first of its kind to provide field quality services to craft brewers, distributors and retailers. Neil holds one of just thirteen Master Cicerone certifications currently awarded across the world, and has 16 years of experience running the field quality program at Boulevard Brewing Co/Duvel USA.

Craft Quality Solutions provides breweries with a top-to-bottom report of what their beer looks like in their top accounts in any given market, along with a whole host of actionable solutions for whatever issues may be uncovered. Neil also provides in-depth training to breweries and distributors on any matter of quality-related topics, including draught system design and maintenance, draught line cleaning, sensory evaluation and off-flavor recognition, and inventory management.

Prior to his positions in field quality assessment and maintenance, Neil worked in the wine industry before moving over to beer and becoming a brewer. A lot of Neil’s palette and flavour knowledge can be attributed to his experience in these areas, helping to give him the invaluable skills required to achieve the highest level certification of the Cicerone Program.

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