Beerfarm brings in Burnt Ends Smoking Co permanently

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Burnt Ends Beerfarm

Nathan and Eileen Booth are two halves of Burnt Ends Smoking Co; husband and wife chef duo who live and breathe slow-smoked goodness.

Focused on producing cracking smoked dishes and signature sides, Beerfarm are stoked to announce Burnt Ends Smoking Co will be bringing their original form of BBQ straight from their smoker and into the farm’s

The collaboration between Nathan and Eileen, with Beerfarm’s very own Ben Beaton, will see the menu at Beerfarm Metricup turn it up a notch; from mouth-watering locally produced beef and local produce cooked over a combination of charcoal and smoke. The menu will cater for multiple and varied dietary requirements.

“With the arrival of Eileen and Nathan on the board, there’s even more excitement to see where we can all take this vehicle of deliciousness in the future….watch this space!” said Ben.

Burnt Ends Smoking Co will bring their dedication to imaginative modern food, cooking over timber, fire, charcoal and smoke; you might say slow-cooked perfection. Both Beerfarm and Burnt Ends Smoking Co share a passionate commitment to source local, quality produce, which will continue to be celebrated and highlighted at the farm.

Nathan and Eileen are as good as family to the Beerfarm crew, with their friendship dating back to 2017 when they initially worked together. Rolling up to the farm with their smoker-on-wheels for Beerfarm’s 2017 Rodeo and working together ever since, both parties soon came to realise their shared values for fresh produce, quality dishes and slinging real barbecue perfectly aligned; and a beautiful partnership was born that we are proud to see grow.

Nathan Booth Burnt Ends

Nathan Booth

Nathan is born and bred in the South West corner, growing up utilising all the area has to offer from land to sea. Having a love for food and often cooking in his younger years, it wasn’t until he found his true partner in crime he was able really create something special.

Going from being Eileen’s apprentice to now husband, they have three beautiful children and have grown Burnt Ends Smoking Co to what it is today.

Not to be pigeon holed as a “smoked meat company”, they strive to push the boundaries in food cooked over fire and explore the world of BBQ globally. Nathan cannot think of a better place to push this vision than at the Beerfarm, and extend this beautiful relationship they have built over the last three years. It is time to make ugly food beautiful again and share it with even more beautiful people.

Eileen Booth Burnt Ends

Eileen Booth

Eileen grew up in Perth before the days of Uber and the Nokia 3210. Having polished her culinary skills in the kitchens of the big smoke, she met Nathan and made the move to the South West corner to start their beautiful family. It wasn’t long before the amazing region took her heart and all it had to offer presented itself to her. Burnt Ends Smoking Co was born and immediately refused to be a standard BBQ business.

The vision was to push the boundaries of bringing food back to its roots with amazing producers growing real food, with real flavour, that she with Nathan can bring back to your plate. This is what drives her to keep doing what she loves and she cannot be more excited to share this journey with such an exceptional company, Beerfarm, and the amazing humans that keep the wheels turning.

Ben Beefarm

Ben Beaton

Ben grew up in the bogan southern suburbs of Langford, Lynwood and Gosnells, although he was lucky enough to go to a prestigious private school 40 minutes bike ride away. Ben started a commercial cookery course at tafe in his early 20’s as a way to escape his factory-labourer driven lifestyle, where he quickly fell in love with the profession and the people involved in it (mostly the waitresses). Ben completed his apprenticeship by working
and running various bars and cafes around Perth’s inner city suburbs. After a brief attempt to become a primary school teacher in his early 30s’, he decided to move down to Margs to follow his dream of working in the various wineries and breweries.

There, Ben ended up at Black Brewing Co, where he ran the kitchen during the first 3 years of their existence. After one day after hosting a staff party at Black’s for the guys and gals of Beerfarm, Ben was impressed and intrigued by their love for each other and their enthusiasm. The following week, he drove out to Beerfarm where he was offered a job…and the rest is history! Ben has been at Beerfarm since 2017 and is proud to be part of the rapid expansion of the locals favourite watering and eating hole, having made many great friends and created a tonne of great food.

Burnt Ends at Beerfarm will open on Friday, February 28th 177 Gale Road, Metricup WA 6280

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