Belgian Pale Ale new from Blizzard

Victoria’s Blizzard Brewing has released Bladerunner Belgian Pale Ale as its latest seasonal beer.

A follow-up from its High Country Brewery Trail collaboration Rule 47, the new beer uses the same specialty Belgian yeast with a different grain bill that includes more wheat and the addition of rye.

“This is our summer seasonal, with name and packaging inspired by a local cross country and walking trail of the same name,” Blizzard’s Mark Hubbard told Australian Brews News.

“This beer will be the ninth variety brewed by Blizzard in nine months,” he said.

Medium-bodied with a rich golden orange hue, Blizzard says Bladerunner Belgian Pale Ale is 6.4 per cent ABV, offering a moderate malty, biscuity flavour with a backbone of spice.

Blizzard Brewing's Belgian Pale Ale

Blizzard Brewing’s Belgian Pale Ale

The brewer says the beer offers aromas including passionfruit, melon and stone fruit, balanced with low peppery, floral, woody phenols, finishing with a dryish smooth palate.

In other Blizzard news, Hubbard said its tap room is currently being upgraded with windows installed in its sliding barn doors.

“This will bring our awesome alpine environment indoors when it is too cold to keep the doors open, and flood our brewhouse and tap room with natural light,” he said.

“Patrons will also be able to watch their kids on the ski slope opposite as they warm by the fire and sip ‘Liquid Powder’.

“This feature was overlooked the first time around as the barn doors were always open when we initially fitted out the brewery and tap room last summer.”

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