Beneficial Beer celebrates Indies results

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Beneficial Beer Co Indies results

Who says non-alcoholic brews cannot win big? Beneficial Beer Co, a true heavyweight in the Australian non-alcoholic brewing scene, has just proven that great taste knows no boundaries. Drumroll, please, as we announce their stellar performance at the esteemed 2023 Australian Independent Beer Awards, hot on the heels of their previous victories at the Royal Sydney Beer & Cider Show. These folks are on fire!

Picture this: a room filled with 50 stewards and 65 of the finest and freshest judges from not only Australia, but also New Zealand and Indonesia. They spent a whopping three days indulging in the nectar of the beer gods, carefully evaluating the crème de la crème of brews. Head Judge Justin Fox summed it up perfectly: “We are blown away this year at the quality of beers entered. 229 beers were awarded gold, and an incredible 85% of all beers entered received a medal.”

In other words, that medal count is like the gold star stickers you used to get in kindergarten, except these stickers are liquid gold. And guess what? Beneficial Beer Co snagged a couple of silvery ones along with a bronze beauty at the Indie’s Awards night on the Gold Coast. Talk about a triple-threat takedown!

Let us talk specifics. The Aldi Lowdown Lager Special Series was so close to the gold it could practically taste it, earning a shimmering Silver Medal with a tantalizing 16.5 points. Not to be outdone, the Wagon Drivers Pale Ale from Beneficial Beer Co’s core range also strutted its stuff with a well-deserved Silver Medal. And we cannot forget the trailblazing Stone Cold Lager, an Australian non-alcoholic legend, clinching a Bronze Medal. Now that is a podium-worthy performance!

But wait, there is more. This is not Beneficial Beer Co’s first rodeo – these achievements are just the latest gems in their crown. Remember the Royal Sydney Beer Cider Awards? Yep, the ones where they grabbed 3 Silver Medals. Clearly, their brewing prowess is as consistent as their lagers are refreshing.

So, whether you are all about that hoppy goodness or prefer your brews alcohol-free, Beneficial Beer Co is your go-to for a taste bud fiesta. Cheers to them for raising the bar (and the glass) in the brewing world! To dive deeper into the world of Beneficial Beer Co and explore their award-winning lineup, swing by their Here’s to sipping success – one delicious sip at a time.

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