BentSpoke keeping penalty rates intact

BentSpoke’s Tracy Margrain and Richard Watkins

The Fair Work Commission might have decided that Sunday and public holiday workers can have their penalty rates cut, but Braddon’s BentSpoke Brewing Co is keeping the existing rates for their staff.

The Fair Work Commission has updated the pay rates as per the Hospitality Industry General Award 2010 (HIGA). The new award rates show an increase of 3.3% across the HIGA and come into effect from the first full pay week commencing on or after 1st July.

The exception to this is the Sunday rates for full-time/part-time employees have been reduced from 175% to 170% and the public holiday rates for full-time/part-time reduced from 250% to 225%.

Casual employee’s public holiday rates have been reduced from 275% to 250%.

“BentSpoke Brewing Co is pleased to announce that NO rates will be reduced for our employees,” said co-owner and head brewer Richard Watkins.

“Whilst this will have significant financial impact, we acknowledge that our employees are an integral part of the success of BentSpoke and we value the contribution that each employee makes to the business.

“While we have enormous respect for the Australian Hotels Association (AHA), and all the great work they do, we’re choosing to support our staff regarding the changes to the payrates” Watkins concluded.

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