BentSpoke not for sale, founders assure fans

Canberra’s BentSpoke Brewing Co is seeking to get ahead of unfounded rumours in the industry, and wants to assure fans and customers that there has been no sale of the company and there are no plans for such a sale.

“It’s flattering to hear some people think we’re worth $49 million,” said BentSpoke co-owner and head-brewer Richard Watkins, “but there is absolutely no substance to the rumour that we have sold all or part of our business.”

“Takeover speculation seems to grip the industry every year as summer comes to an end,” Watkins said.

“Here at BentSpoke we are a family business and we value our independence. We value our place in our local community as a brewer, as a beer wholesaler and retailer, as an employer, and as a place where friends can meet.

“We also take a huge amount of pride in being able to make the kind of beer we want to make, and to make it the best way we think it can be made.

“When you consider all of that, and bear in mind that our business is growing rapidly, we’re just not interested in giving it up, at any price.”

BentSpoke Brewing Co first started trading in 2014 and is fast approaching its fourth birthday.

Starting out as a brewpub based in the Canberra suburb of Braddon the company now operates a production brewery in the Mitchell light industrial zone and is rapidly expanding distribution of its award winning and very popular packaged beers.

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