Blackman's Brewery releases aged porter


Joining forces, three ambitious and flavour curious Victorian producers – Anther Distillery, Blackmans Brewery and NED Whisky, tested the boundaries of flavour this year and created a first for Victoria – the Whisky Barrel Aged Gin Infused Cherry Porter.

Blackmans porter has been brewed, then aged for 6 months in ex-NED Whisky Barrels that contained 100kgs of Anther Cherry Gin infused hand-pitted Tasmanian cherries.

Dervilla McGowan, (Anther co-owner and Head Distillery) says, ‘This is a massive product and has been months in the making. We’re so excited to share it with everyone!’

Renn Blackman, (Blackman’s co-owner and Head Brewer) says, “This one is a pretty special beer. It was great working with two other amazing producers, and using products across whisky, gin, fruit, beer, and barrels. It sounds like there is a lot going on, but this beer is insanely balanced. It’s a journey for your mouth. All the elements come to the surface in their own way and make this beer extremely unique. I don’t think I’ve ever tried anything like this, very exciting stuff!”

Sebastian Reaburn, (TSI Master Distiller) says, “At NED we are always looking to make exceptional Australian whisky. This collaboration creates a unique NED expression through aging reserve NED Whisky in barrels that heldAntherCherry Gin. Next year we will double up with reserve NED whisky aged in Blackmans Porter Barrels to create a different flavour profile. At NED we love all craft producers, and this multi-year collaboration to explore flavour and the full potential of our whisky is exciting

A limited amount of Whisky Barrel Aged Gin Infused Cherry Porter’s has been produced.

Buy Anther’s Barrel Aged Cherry Gin here.

Buy NED’s Single Barrel Cherry Gin finish here.

Buy Whisky Barrel Aged Gin Infused Cherry Porter here.

Attend the launch of the Whisky Barrel Aged Gin Infused Cherry Porter at Blackmans Brewery in Grovedale on Friday 28th of October.

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