Bob Hawke announces new beer company, Hawke’s Brewing Co.

Former Australian Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, will launch a new Australian beer brand, Hawke’s Brewing Co., with the first product, Hawke’s Lager, rolling out in a shortlist of iconic Sydney venues from April 6. Hawke’s Brewing Co. has entered into a partnership agreement with environmental not-for-profit, Landcare Australia, with a percentage of profits from the company’s beer sales helping to support rural initiatives around the country.

“I hope the efforts of this company will not only bring good friends together over a cold beer but also help raise awareness of the great work done by Landcare”, said Mr Hawke.

In 1989, Bob Hawke played a critical role in driving national support for Landcare, calling on all Australians to unite with government to tackle the crisis in natural resource conservation. And the ex-Prime Minister’s commitment to the environment is as strong as ever, with Mr Hawke not receiving any financial benefit from the company, having instructed that all monies be passed on as donations to Landcare.

Landcare Australia CEO, Tessa Jakszewicz, said, “We’re delighted to form this partnership with Hawke’s Brewing Co. to help raise funds to support community groups working across the country to protect the health of our land. Mr Hawke played an important role in the establishment of Landcare nationally almost 30 years ago and it’s really great to see his continued support of the movement today.”

The company’s first product, Hawke’s Lager, is brewed by Justin Fox, former head brewer at Colonial Brewing Co., with brew production operating out of Port Melbourne. All ingredients are 100 per cent Australian.

Mr Fox said, “There’s never been a more exciting time for the beer industry in Australia, with so many local breweries offering beer drinkers a higher level of quality and choice. I’m excited to be a part of the Hawke’s Brewing Co. journey, as we work together to bring even more choice to the market, especially as we expand the range beyond the lager. I would have been satisfied just meeting Bob Hawke but to be brewing beer for him is a dream come true.”

Hawke’s Brewing Co. is founded by Australians, Nathan Lennon and David Gibson, who were working as creative directors in a New York ad agency when they began discussing the idea behind the brand.

“It was Australia Day, yet we were stuck in an office and it was -5 degrees outside. Beers in the sun with our mates was 16,000 km away and homesickness was setting in,” explains Lennon.

“Dave and I were chatting about who, given the chance, we’d most like to have a beer with. We both said Bob Hawke. Our conversation drifted to what a beer brand with Bob Hawke might look like, which for us was all about recognising the kind-hearted, generous and community-centric values Mr Hawke embodies and then building a brand around that, and of course ensuring a great quality product was there to support the strength of that brand.

Before we knew it, we were on a Qantas jumbo back to Sydney and drawing up a business plan with our National Sales Manager, Luke Langton, before the three of us were sitting in the former-PMs kitchen, sharing our vision for Hawke’s Brewing Co.”

Mr Hawke loved the team’s proposal, particularly the brand ethos of “giving back”, and gave them his blessing.

Lennon continues, “It’s now one year to the day since the three of us met Mr Hawke. And after a tonne of work, here we are. What started as a remote dream on the other side of the world is now a dream opportunity to run this really special beer brand in our beloved home country, with the one person we’d most like to have a beer with.”

The Beer:

Hawke’s Lager is brewed with Aussie hops, Helga, Ella & Topaz. It has an IBU rating of 18 and an ABV of 4.5%.Brewer’s tasting notes:

“Brewed with all-Australian ingredients, Hawke’s Lager has a subtle citrus aroma, light bitterness and a gentle, dry finish.”



Hawke’s Lager, available on tap exclusively in eleven venues (Hawke’s First XI) in Sydney and Newcastle, from April 6.

Hawke’s First XI – Sydney

  • The Australian Heritage Hotel, The Rocks
  • The Clock Hotel, Surry Hills
  • The Clovelly Hotel, Clovelly
  • The Courthouse Hotel, Newtown
  • Greenroof, Newcastle
  • The Kirribilli Hotel, Milson’s Point
  • The Lord Dudley, Paddington
  • The New Brighton Hotel, Manly
  • The Prince, Kirrawee
  • Public House, Petersham
  • The Sackville Hotel, Balmain


From April 25, Hawke’s Lager cans will be available at all Camperdown Cellars outlets exclusively for two weeks, before rolling out into other retail outlets.

Cans will also be rolling out into select bars and restaurants in Sydney, from April 25.

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