Bottling system targets small brewers

The Acos Hand Filler

A New Zealand inventor is seeking to raise $100,000 to get a new hand bottling solution off the ground.

The Acos Filler was invented by packaging development engineer Tony Costello, specifically for smaller volume producers of beer and other carbonated drinks.

According to Costello, the product incorporates patented design features that ensure low dissolved oxygen from the filling and capping process, giving brewers a more stable and consistent product.

“The Acos Filler is fast-filling, while maintaining low oxygen levels. It is a cost-effective system for microbreweries, home brewers and similar niche operations,” he says.

“The machine incorporates new, advanced technology which is patented, and will enable us to develop further advanced filling and capping systems with our wide-ranging expertise.

“Our Kickstarter funding will enable us to get manufacturing economies of scale from the beginning.”

The Kickstarter price for the Acos Hand Filler is US$2,395 ($3,122), plus taxes if applicable.

The campaign closes Saturday March 11. Further information is available here.

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