Branded kegs get noticed: Bintani

Customised silkscreen printed kegs from Bintani

Customised silkscreen printed kegs from Bintani

The marketing benefits of kegs displaying a brewer’s own eye-catching branding are commonly overlooked, according to Bintani Australia.

Bintani’s fast-growing Keg Leasedivision has recently begun offering customised silkscreen printing, an in-house service that has been rapidly taken up by brewers including Wolf Of The Willows, Stomping Ground, Red Hill and Bentspoke.

There are several compelling arguments in favour of branded kegs for brewers, Bintani director Phil Meddings told Australian Brews News.

“Probably the first concern that brewers have in relation to kegs is getting them back,” he said.

“Recovery rates on kegs are pretty important. If you’ve got strong branding on your kegs, it’s a lot easier for your distribution partners to identify them.”

Meddings said silkscreen printing also enables brewers to put an email address or phone number clearly on their kegs, further ensuring their safe return.

“When you combine identifiability with the information that you can put on the kegs, if anyone finds your keg in a place where it shouldn’t be, they know how to get in touch with you to get it back,” he said.

“I think a well-branded keg also reduces the likelihood of it being stolen, so those are pretty compelling factors.”

Silkscreen printed kegs for Wolf Of The Willows

Silkscreen printed kegs for Wolf Of The Willows

But the biggest benefit for brewers may be building their brand by having it emblazoned on one of their most visible assets, Meddings suggested.

“If you look at photos on Facebook, Instagram or any media where people are in their brewery, nearly all of them have kegs in the background,” he said.

“And there’s so many pubs where you see beer kegs lying around either outside or inside the venue.

“It’s just a really good opportunity for brewers to represent their brand consistently in the marketplace.”

Bintani uses high quality UV screen printing ink which is scratch and chemical resistant. Once the keg has been screen printed it is UV-cured to set the ink, providing a high gloss finish.

Silkscreen printing starts at $6.95 per keg, which Meddings said is negligible when compared to the cost including labour of putting a sticker on every keg.

“The durability of silkscreen printing is much better as well,” he said.

Free branding is available on all new keg leases in October. Email for further information.Conditions — minimum two year lease of 54 kegs applies.


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