Branding tweak for Temple IPA

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 2.11.03 pmTemple Brewing Company’s Anytime IPA will now be packaged as Anytime Pale Ale in response to consumer feedback.

The new branding has now been applied to packaged product following a successful trial on draughtformat over the last five months, Temple said today.

“A decision was made late last year to change the Anytime IPA to Anytime Pale Ale because there was some confusion in the trade about the true style of our Anytime IPA. It is ultimately a 4.7 per cent American Pale Ale,” the brewer said.

“Feedback from consumers told us that they were expecting a true IPA style that sat between 5.5 per cent – 7.5 per cent ABV, and Pale Ale drinkers would steer away because they thought it was within this style.”

Temple stressed that it is a style name change only and the beer inside remains exactly the same.

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