Brewers face increased fines for growler measurement breaches

Non-standard vessels including growlers, squealers and mason jars

The measurement regulations apply to all non-standard vessels including growlers, squealers and mason jars

The National Measurement Institute has provided updated guidance on the sale of beer in a growler, squealer or other non-standard vessel, with higher fines introduced for brewers who fail to comply.

Brewers using these vessels must provide a written statement of the volume at the time of purchase, the Fact Sheet says.

“This includes beer sold for consumption on the premises in ‘mason jars’ and beer sold in takeaway containers, such as ‘growlers’ and ‘squealers’,” the NMI says.

The institute says all pre-packed beer must be sold by volume and marked with a statement of the volume on the principal display panel.

“Volume statements should be printed, either on labels attached to the container or directly on the container itself. When the beer is pre-filled and sold on the same premises, the statement can be hand-written,” the NMI says.

Brewers that do not comply with measurement regulations now face possible fines of up to $210,000, up from the maximum $180,000 in 2016-17.

Further information is available here.

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