Brewers invited to join Drinkers for Ukraine fundraiser

Australian brewers are being invited to get on board with the Drinkers for Ukraine fundraiser.

The team behind the movement is inviting breweries to brew the Ukrainian Anti-Imperial Stout RESIST, the recipe for which has been developed by displaced Ukrainian brewers.

Launched by Lana Svitankova, Ukraine’s first-ever certified Cicerone, the team at the UK’s Ferment Magazine including Richard Croasdale and Robyn Gilmour, and Belgium-based beer writer Eoghan Walsh, proceeds from the sales of the beer will go towards humanitarian efforts in the country.

It is suggested that nearly 200 people have died in the conflict in Ukraine so far and approximately 2 million people have been displaced after the country was attacked by Russia on 24th February 2022.

Brewers in Ukraine have also seen their livelihoods and businesses destroyed by the Russian attack, and the team behind Drinkers for Ukraine have called on the global brewing industry to show solidarity with their Ukrainian counterparts.

Packaging is not prescriptive and the RESIST recipe can be tweaked as much as breweries like, said organiser Eoghan Walsh.

“When it comes to the brewing of the beer, we’re trying as much as we can to give brewers some latitude to adapt it to the ingredients they have and the scale they are working on,” he told Brews News.

Breweries and hospitality venues are also encouraged to run auctions to raise money for the cause or a livestreamed fundraiser with more information on the Drinkers for Ukraine site.

They suggested that the money raised be donated to the Red Cross humanitarian effort.

The Drinkers for Ukraine team have put together a document for brewers here.

If you’re brewing RESIST, get in touch with us at and we will help to amplify your message of solidarity however we can across our social media channels.


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