Brewery tour: Jamieson Brewery


Located on the banks of the Goulburn River, where it enters Eildon Lake, is the picturesque Jamieson Brewery. Terri Marsden is the new owner of the brewery and pub after the purchase was completed a couple of weeks ago, at the end of November 2011. Jeff Whyte, the former owner and brewer, who gained a reputation for brewing the fine Jamieson Brewery beers, is staying on as brewer.

Brewer Jeff Whyte

Jeff originally started brewing at the pub around ten years ago. Trade through the pub had slowed when the drought and subsequent drop in water at Eildon reduced the numbers of visitors to the area. He bought the 1200L brewing equipment second hand from New Zealand. He built a room on to the front of the pub to house the brewery, allowing patrons to look through the front windows and watch Jeff brewing.

The pub itself is quite roomy after a couple of extensions. The ground at the back of the pub slopes gently towards the river, providing a large grassy area. It would be great to sit in the shade of the trees here on a hot summer’s afternoon.

Their four beers can be tried on a tasting paddle, which comes with bread, olive oil, crackers, and homemade pesto. Having nibbles with the paddle is a nice touch and enhances the experience. The paddle is only twelve dollars.

New owner, Terri Marsden

The Raspberry Ale is a standout with an unmistakable raspberry aroma. It is made by infusing the beer with raspberries added near the end of fermentation. It is sweet, but has enough bitterness to keep it balanced. The Mountain Ale is a dark wheat beer that has a smoky roasted malt taste. The Pale Ale is an enjoyable complex flavoured English-style pale ale. Unfortunately, they had run out of their American IPA, the Beast. So instead, we were treated to a specialty Belgian-style ale.

Jeff is now able to relax a little and enjoy brewing his sensational beers. Meanwhile Terri is busy getting to know the ropes of running your own pub and brewery in the lead up to the busy holiday season. Tasty beers, great food from the new chef, famous homemade fudge, and a scenic location make the trip to Jamieson Brewery well worthwhile.

Jamieson Brewery is located on Eildon Road, Jamieson, Victoria, 3723, near the corner of Old Eildon Road. Phone 03 5777 0515.

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