Brewing industry diversity survey launched

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In the past three months, the spotlight on craft beer’s equality problem has been growing brighter. Following the ‘Ratmagnet’ stories, the #MeToo reckoning and the clear shift in decreased tolerance for sexual harassment, it has become clear that now is the time to draw the line in the sand for our own Australian craft beer industry.

To solve a problem, or to even make changes that will be effective, it is important to first quantify and qualify the issues that exist. Which is why Beer Agents for Change have created a survey for everyone employed in the craft beer industry. This is to collect data from those working in every aspect of craft beer – from brewery owners to brewers, accountants, sales reps and bartenders – it is for everyone to add their experience to.

Change will be difficult, but this is the first step to make sure it is moving in the right direction.

The data from this survey will be consolidated and shared, with a view to continue on an annual basis and track improvement.

While the road to equality will be a long one, every step in the right direction matters. With this in mind, Beer Agents For Change was formed. It is a group of women with more than fifty years of experience in the beer industry between them. They act under @beeragentsforchange on Instagram. They have set out to work with the industry to provide a more inclusive space for all within craft beer through four pillars – Internal training and guidelines, a united industry front, third party reporting and commitment to inclusivity.

You can find the Diversity Survey here.

We thank you for your honesty and commitment to making change in the Australian craft beer industry. All data collected will be anonymous and confidential, and used for industry insight.

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