Brewing professionals sought for TAFE NSW

TAFE NSW is looking for experienced brewery industry professionals to join the team as teachers, trainers and assessors.

The vocational training organisation is on the hunt for experienced brewers with either a formal qualification and three years’ experience in the industry, or five years in the industry in total.

The Independent Brewers Association has been lobbying and partnering with state governments to facilitate training and education options for the brewing industry, an effort spearheaded by IBA director Richard Adamson to helpcombat chronic trained staff shortages.

Now, the IBA has negotiated with Training Services NSW and TAFE NSW to provide initial fully-funded training to the brewing industry.

A Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is a must for VET [vocational education training] trainers, but the IBA has been working with TAFE to enable professionals to become trainers before achieving their Certificate IV.

TAFE NSW will be providing training in the Enterprise Presenter Skill Set, which will mean that brewing industry professionals may be able to teach ‘under supervision’ in a range of Registered Training Organisations (RTO) such as TAFE NSW. It will also provide one unit of competency towards the Certificate IV TAE.

Interested parties will need to commit to attending and engaging in all classes which will be around 30 hours over a four to six week period.

“If you are good at your job and you like working with people, the chances are that you will really enjoy this training and the possibility of becoming a teacher,” according to TAFE NSW and the IBA.

“Teaching roles in the VET [vocational education training] sector tend to be part time and can fit in with your brewing work. You get to be part of shaping the workforce of the future, and that is a very important role.”

Expression of Interest should be returned before the 14th July 2021 deadline.


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