Brews News launches States of Brewing report

Brews News has today launched its inaugural States of Brewing report, which aims to analyse the health of and support for the brewing industry in each state and territory in the country.

The brewing industry has risen to the challenge posed by the global COVID-19 pandemic as well as those that come with operating in an increasingly competitive market. These have been followed in 2022 by flooding in Queensland and Northern New South Wales, directly impacting breweries and the hospitality industry yet again, as well as the delayed impact of COVID in states like Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Tasmania.

With so many challenges facing breweries, it is more important than ever to understand what state governments are doing to develop and support the brewing industry.

The Brews News ‘States of Brewing’ Report Card aims to identify the challenges breweries are facing locally, and to highlight which states and territories have done the most to support the development of their brewing industries. It is intended to be an independent report which will highlight the areas in which state governments need to improve to help the evolving industry thrive.

The report touches on issues that are important to breweries and are specific to their state or territory, as well as issues such as licensing, planning, government support in the form of action plans and export and tourism initiatives, as well as skills and funding.

“The main issues outlined [by] Brews News has undertaken definitely aligns with what our members are saying and what is coming through in the development of our 10 year industry blueprint,” said Kylie Lethbridge, chief executive officer of the Independent Brewers Association.

“Matters relating to regulation, legislation and planning are also what I spend a lot of my days dealing with and although the cooperative relationship with many state government agencies has improved, there is a long way to go in having our industry recognised as an important driver of jobs and contribution to the economy as well as recognition for the role the local brewery plays in the community.”

Informed by publicly-available information from both state and territory governments and feedback from brewers themselves, the report aims to analyse the issues that really matter to breweries, and identify how their state government measure up in support to grow, innovate and continue to thrive as significant contributors to local economies.

Brews News editor Matt Kirkegaard said the report was an important yardstick to measure how individual states compare in the support they give to the growing industry.

“The domestic brewing industry is a vibrant industry, and breweries are increasingly becoming significant regional employers,” he said.

“Allied industries are springing up to support brewing as well, which is having a multiplier effect on the economic impact breweries are having and the benefits they are bringing to communities.

“Politicians of all persuasions love a photo opportunity at a brewery, but we were interested to see how their words stack up against the environment that they actually create for breweries to set up and grow.

“Even without active support for the industry, the report highlights the lack of coordination across State Government departments in some states that actively hinders the growth of these businesses,” he said.

This is a working document, to be updated in the coming years as new information comes to light, so for any comments, queries or additions, email


Read the States of Brewing Report now.

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