Brewsvegas 'pauses' 2021 event

The organisers of Brewsvegas have announced today that the 2021 event will be put on pause.

In a statement to social media today, the volunteer organisers said that due to the ongoing uncertainty and restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, they had made the decision not proceed with this year’s event.

“Even in the past few weeks we have seen how quickly and drastically things can change,” the statement said.

“With the very real possibility of having the Brewsvegas 2021 ripped out from underneath us at the eleventh hour, we decided that investing time and effort into coming up with and coordinating the moving pieces needed to pull off a ten-day festival just isn’t worth the risk or disappointment for everyone involved, venues and punters alike.”

Instead, the team is looking to help promote, support and celebrate local beer businesses through a new initiative called the Brewsvegas Beer Trails, launching in mid-2021, it said with more details to be announced later in the year.

The news comes after a year of cancelled events in which organisers have had to pivot to virtual events, with awards ceremonies like the Indies going online, and the IBD Biennial Convention on 23rd-24th February going entirely digital.

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