Bridge Road raises $5000 for Dry July

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We’re proud to announce a contribution of $5000 to the Dry July Foundation.

We set ourselves a target to sell 1000 cases of ‘Free Time’ in July, pledging $5 from every case to raise $5000 for the foundation.

It may seem a strange decision for a business that derives its income from the sale of alcoholic beverages to pledge money to a cause, driven by abstaining from consumption for a month of the year.

However, our founder, Ben Kraus, sees it much differently;
“The purpose of Dry July is to raise funds that aid in providing better experiences for cancer patients, their families and carers. Giving up booze for a month is the tangible sacrifice people can make to generate donations for Dry July from their personal and extended networks.”

“I feel our contribution is twofold, ‘Free Time’ is a fantastic Alcohol-Free beer alternative to help people get through what can be the longest month of the year. The flavour profile is hard to differentiate from other Pale Ales that contain alcohol, and it can be a great substitute when people feel the need for an alcoholic beer.”

“Our customer base and industry have a strong interest in Dry July, and giving up booze for a whole month can be a huge achievement, so these people are more likely to generate greater revenue for the foundation.”

“We also feel it’s important to share the message that Dry July isn’t about giving up booze; it is about raising funds. While it can be positive to take a month off drinking, it is unfair to claim one is doing Dry July if they aren’t raising money for the foundation.”

Katie Evans, Dry July Foundation CEO commented“We’re pleased to know there are some great non-alcoholic options to support our Dry Julyers through the month. It’s also fantastic to see support coming from businesses in communities where Dry July Foundation funding is at work, such as Cancer Council’s cancer patient accommodation Lilier Lodge in Wagga Wagga, and a McGrath Breast Care Nurse in Albury/Wodonga.”

Since 2008, Dry July Foundation has encouraged 290,000 people to go dry, raising $73 million for more than 85 cancer organisations across Australia.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the response to this beer, which has gone from strength to strength. We thank you for support and help to spread the word about a beer that we’re genuinely proud of.

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