Bridge Road's Beer Aid hopes to raise $20k for CFA

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Whilst this summer’s horror fires may seem like a blip in the rear view mirror, their effects are being felt tenfold in each of the effected communities, who are now experiencing 2 generational disasters in the space of a few months.

Situated in Victoria’s high country, our hometown was lucky to be spared this fire season, but, we saw first hand the devastating effect on neighbouring towns, communities and the natural world.

Bridge Road wanted to make a contribution to the heroic men and women of Victoria’s Country Fire Authority, who work tirelessly to preserve our homes and our country -So, ‘Beer Aid’ was born.

All profits from the sale of this batch of ‘Beer Aid’ Beechworth Pale Ale, which will total $20,000 – Will go directly to the CFA Public fund.

We’d like to thank the support of the following partners for providing their products and services free of charge:

  • Cospak and Orora – Bottles
  • Proficient Packaging – Cartons
  • Networkpak – 4 pack outers
  • Multi-Color Corporation – Labels
  • Border Express – Freight
  • Warren Taylor – Packaging design

Bridge Road’s ‘Beer Aid’ Beechworth Pale Ale is now available exclusively at Victorian and border region BWS and Dan Murphy’s stores, with both chains donating their profits from all sales.

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