Bright and Carwyn reveal 2020 Mystery Beer

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When the beer gurus at Thornbury’s Carwyn Cellars asked Bright Brewery to brew an exclusive Mystery Beer for the 2020 Canvent Calendar, we were excited by the challenge.

Mystery Beer – a concept which we introduced to the Australian craft beer community in 2019 – has become a hugely popular, and now permanent, part of our beer release calendar.

To put it simply – our brewers devise and brew a beer in secret, never revealing its contents (not to the sales guys, or the owner, or even the marketing team!), then we release the beer and ask you to guess what it is.

So our brewers put their heads together with the beer nuts at Carwyn Cellars to come up with the exclusive Mystery Beer Batch-03 – and they were absolutely sure they’d fool everyone.

“Because we knew this beer was going out to some of the best beer tasters in Australia, we wanted to make this as challenging as we could,” Bright Brewery’s Head Brewer Reid Stratton said.
“This was one beer we didn’t think that anyone would guess.”

But Carwyn’s beer drinkers rose to the challenge! And, after sifting through literally hundreds of entries, we were thrilled to discover that three crafty beer geniuses out there managed to outsmart the brewers and correctly the guess the Batch-03 style.

So what was it?

“Batch-03 is a Dutch Kuyt,” Stratton explained. “It’s an ancient beer style, brewed since at least the 1500s.

“Kuyt is brewed with a massive amount of oats. That’s quite unusual for a beer, particularly a beer from that era.

“We wanted to highlight this style of beer because the trend for hazy beers is so huge right now and we wanted to show that the haze craze is not new – it goes back at least five centuries, if not further.

“What’s old is new and what’s new is old!”

From all of us here at Bright Brewery and Carwyn Cellars, we’d like to congratulate our winners, and thank everybody who took part and had a guess!

Stay tuned for Batch-04!


MALTS: Pale Malt, Oat Malt, Wheat Malt, Melanoidin
HOPS: Tettnang, Hallertauer, Mittelfruh
YEAST: German Ale

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