Bright Tank Brewery opens tomorrow in Perth

Central Perth’s Bright Tank Brewery opens to the public tomorrow.

In a hectic week, brewer and owner Matthew Moore said they finished the fit out yesterday will be finishing the glycol return lines today. While he won’t be in a positionto run his house-brewed beers on opening,Moore has been contract brewing in the Swan Valley at Homestead Brewery, where he has produced six core range beers.

“They’ve brewed us enough to probably, hopefully get us through the first three weeks but we’ll have to wait and see,” Moore said.

“She’s nearly ready,” Moore said about his brewery.

“It’s been a bit of a mammoth undertaking but we’ve got a Kolsch, a Session IPA, a Pale Ale, an IPA, a Brown Ale and a Saison.”

The brewery, also a restaurant and bar, has been built in an old warehouse just back from the Swan River in Central Perth and close to Perth’s brand new Optus Stadium.Moore has chosen to work with the 10hl Spark three vessel gas-fired brewhouse, along with four 20hl fermenters and two 10hl fermenters.

Moore has come from a geotechnical engineering and construction background but has always wanted to brew beer.

“I was talking about it with the wife one day and she basically suggested that we should start a brewery then, and I said ‘yeah, that sounds pretty good’.”

“So, I went back to uni at Federation University and did my postgrad diploma in brewing and malting science.”

“During that time I kicked back up and started homebrewing as well, and immersed myself at that point as well.”

Moore said that there’s always been beer qualifications in Australian, but perhaps they weren’t as well known as they are now.

“The grad dip is certainly geared towards working in breweries like the size of Abbotsford or Little Creatures in Geelong, and it gives you a pretty solid understanding of processing on a large scale.”

“It also gives you a lot of good theory and backing on how to solve problems and understand the science, even on a smaller scale.”

“I recommend to anyone getting involved in brewing to at least do the grad certificate, which gives you the real underpinning science of how to make beer.”

Moore said that he is keeping to a serve-on-site model to begin with.

“There’s enough small pack in the market at the moment that if you just step into small pack and don’t do it properly, it will bite you in the bum I think.”

“We certainly don’t want to be seen selling shit beer.”

“Obviously in craft beer we like to keep it unpasteurised for flavour reasons but that comes with certain risks as well.”

“So, we just want to make sure we’ve got enough financial backing for the right equipment we want and a small lab facility to make sure we’re putting good beer out there.”

“Fresh is always better but unfortunately bottle shop chains don’t really treat your beer that way so, you’ve got to make it for the worst possible outcome.”

The name Bright Tank came after a long journey and much brainstorming.

“Originally we were looking at logos with tanks crashing through walls and then, I liked graffiti, so we settled on a brand based on urban art.”

“Since then, that’s pretty much become our brand as well,” Moore said.

“We’re a bit of a champion for graffiti and urban art.”

Moore’s logo was designed by Melbourne-based artists 90 Degrees Graffiti, and has continued to use the company since then.The warehouse interior has been painted by a local Perth graffiti artist.

“As you walk in the door to the venue on the left, there’s a giant sized mural of Louis Pasteur,” Moore explains.

“And then the table that separates the main restaurant from the brewery also exhibits concept graffiti.”

“We sort of went that extra step further and wanted to continue that concept through our brand and communicate how we feel about art as well.”

Brewery openings are presented by Spark Breweries and Distilleries, the finest in-venue and production brewing systems available, with local design and support.

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