Bucha of Byron launches kombucha and spirit drink

Dirty Bucha

The Dirty Bucha is Australia’s first premium kombucha and spirit drink, launching three new flavours including Botanical Gin with Lemon Myrtle kombucha, Premium Vodka with Tropical kombucha and Spiced Rum with Ginger kombucha. These low-sugar, crafted cocktails are the brainchild of the team behind the Bucha of Byron (established in 2016).

The Dirty Bucha marks the next phase of the brand story, evolving into the mixed drink space and from an industry perspective, it leads an exciting new category being one of the only brands globally that mixes an established, credible kombucha brand with quality spirits.

Both the Dirty Bucha and Bucha of Byron are made in collaboration with an independent craft brewery, Stone and Wood where they are produced at its old facility in Byron Bay, now the Bucha Shed.

It’s a full-circle moment for co-brand founders, Paul Tansley, Cam Macfarlane and James Mackinnon, who have all worked in the alcohol industry for most of their careers, returning to their roots and playing on the Bucha of Byron’s original philosophy of combining health with pleasure.

“The Bucha of Byron has always been less about health and wellness, and more about a little win to incorporate in your day. The Dirty Bucha is a natural progression from that, and it opens up this new class of drinking experience. It’s brewed like beer but without the carbs, taste most like a cider minus all the sugar and has the benefits of an RTD without being sickly sweet,” says Macfarlane.

Mixing kombucha with spirits has always been an interest to the brand who have collaborated with talent such as renowned bartender Kevin Peters from Sand Hill Road Group to create new and exciting Bucha of Byron cocktails for its key venues.

The brand has also worked with local suppliers including Brookies Gin from Cape Byron Distillery to mix up crafty creations since the Bucha of Byron’s inception; and they are now the key suppliers for the Dirty Bucha flavours, again paying homage to the provenance of the brand.

“We’ve consciously combined quality products from already established brands and having the Bucha of Byron as our original product has allowed us to be ahead of the alcohol and kombucha trend. It also helps that it tastes really good, which is testament to our suppliers, partners and brewing process,” adds Tansley.

The three Dirty Bucha flavours are a spin-off of the most popular creations mixing existing Bucha of Byron flavours with premium spirits, this time, just all bottled up or from the keg.

You can find The Dirty Bucha on-premise at trendsetting venues such as The Beach Hotel and Three Blue Ducks (The Farm) in Byron Bay, Three Blue Ducks and The Oakes Hotel in Sydney and Ponyfish Island in Melbourne.

In another exciting update for the brand, the launch of the Dirty Bucha coincides with the opening of The Bucha Shed, a new home for both the Bucha of Byron and the Dirty Bucha. The space was the old Stone and Wood brewery, which will also contain the first alcoholic kombucha bar in the brand’s hometown. It will soon be open to the public for tours and tastings and is now available for event hire.

The Dirty Bucha sets the benchmark high in a new and exciting category so keep an eye out and say ‘cheers’ to a life well-lived.

The Dirty Bucha Fast Facts:

  • An alcoholic beverage with kombucha fermented tea drink
  • Three flavours: Botanical Gin & Lemon Myrtle, Premium Vodka & Tropical Kombucha, Spiced Rum & Ginger Kombucha.
  • One standard drink, 4.2% alcohol
  • 2.4g of sugar per 100ml
  • In bottles and on tap

This opens up a whole new category in the alcohol game that draws from cider, RTDs and beer

Spans across the three categories

Brewed like a beer, tastes like a cider and cocktails.

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