Cavalier Brewing to host contract brewing Q&A

Cavalier Brewery

Cavalier are opening their doors to offer an informative contract brewing Q&A session for the first time with company founders Heath Shirtcliffe, Steve Martin, the Cavalier team and guest speakers Sean Ryan from Killer Sprocket and Dereck Hales from Bad Shepherd.

Although never advertised, contract brewing has always been a staple part of the Cavalier business model and with a new state of the art Leibinger bottle filler landing at the brewery next month, we thought it was time to let people know what we have to offer.

Producing a long list of award winning beers at Cavalier, using wholly owned facilities, intellectual property and experience, we produce premium quality craft beer on behalf of client brands in either bottled or kegged form.

All products manufactured at Cavalier are made with the highest quality. We offer customers the option of a full turnkey recipe design and production of their beer, or a complete hands on model trained by Cavalier to control their own recipes, products, process and procedures.

So come and check out the brewery while we answer all of your questions, the beers are on us!

Sunday 1st May 11am – 2pm at the Cavalier Brewery
Please email us at if you’d like to head along and for further information.

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