Check. Check. Check. gets big tick

The Night Time Industries Association’s Check. Check. Check. campaign launched last month and has been greeted with broad industry support, including from Tourism Minister Stuart Ayres.

The initiative is being backed by Sydney venues including The Winery, Earl’s Juke Joint, Button Bar, Redfern Surf Club, Bungalow 8 and the Lansdowne which are calling on patrons to share the responsibility with the venues for staying COVID-safe.

Michael Rodrigues, chair of the NTIA, said doing so supports the industry to stay open.

“In the same way venues are prepping for customers before they arrive, punters need to establish new rituals when they get to their favourite local,” he said.

“Similar to Slip, Slop, Slap, when leaving the house it’s ‘wallet, phone and keys’ and then at a venue it’s check in, check your hands and check yourself.”

Minister Stuart Ayres said this year has changed the world around us, but it doesn’t mean venue-goers can’t enjoy their favourite forms of entertainment.

“But it does mean our behaviours have to adapt and be more COVID safe,” he said.

“The Check, Check, Check, campaign is all about reinforcing those new normal behaviours that help reduce the spread of COVID, keeps us safe and allows us to safely enjoy the things we know and love.”

The initiative is supported by chefs and enteratiners including comedian Matt Okine, musician Annie Hamilton and Sokyo executive chef Chase Kojima who are lending their voice to the campaign, featuring in a short video that follows the preparattions for a COVID-safe night out.

“This is not just about a night out for you. It’s about the hospitality and entertainment sector staying open,” comedian Matt Okine said.

“It’s about feeling connected to our community, something we can’t afford to lose right now. I’m genuinely glad when bar staff double-check that I’ve checked in to their venue.

“It makes me feel safe. But venue staff can’t watch you every minute of the night – nor do you want them to. This really only works if we’re all doing our bit. Triple-checking, every time…”

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