Cider Australia named as a finalist in Food and Beverage Industry Awards 2019

Cider Australia has been selected as a finalist in the Food and Beverage Industry Awards 2019 for its world-first ‘100% Australian grown’ cider trust mark.

The trust mark, launched in October 2018, helps consumers to identify ciders made with 100 per cent Australian grown fruit, and has been recognised in the ‘Paddock to Plate’ award category.

The winners of the sixteenth annual awards were announced at a ceremony last night that brought together food and beverage manufacturers from across Australia to celebrate their successes and innovations.

The industry-led trust mark – backed by the Australian Government’s $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support Package – is part of Cider Australia’s campaign to market craft cider overseas and establish export markets for cider brands.

Fifty Australian cider producers have registered to use the trust mark since its launch at the Australian Cider Awards in October 2018.

Cider Australia President Sam Reid said, ‘We’re thrilled to have been shortlisted as a finalist in the Food and Beverage Industry Awards.

‘The Paddock to Plate category recognises companies who source their product direct from the producer to maintain freshness and meet consumer demand.

‘Authenticity and transparency around the origin of ingredients are at the heart of the trust mark.

‘It’s helping consumers to recognise what makes Australian craft ciders unique – the fact they are made with 100 per cent Australian grown apples or pears.

‘It gives producers and orchardists something to unite behind and take to market, and I’m really proud of the work the team and industry have done to get the trust mark off the ground.

‘By choosing ciders that display the trust mark, you are supporting Australian fruit growers and their regional communities and boosting Australian jobs in the craft cider industry’, he said.

For more information about the trust mark, visit Cider Australia.

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