Clare Valley unveils total rebrand

Before: Pale Ale

Before: Pale Ale

South Australia’s Clare Valley Brewing Co recently unveiled drastically different branding as it prepares for its next stage of growth.

The company decided to move away from the “fairly eclectic” names for each individual beer, which included Monkey’s Uncle Red Ale, Bulls Eye Australian Pale Ale and King Kong Stout, co-founder Ben Jeanneret told Australian Brews News.

After: Pale Ale

After: Pale Ale

“We found the beers themselves were getting recognition, but not the brand,” he said.

“We wanted to generate some more brand recognition by putting them all together and trying to make more of a cohesive brand look.”

But Jeanneret said Clare Valley’s first three years had been very positive.

“We’ve had a great response. I think the limiting factor for us has probably been the energy that we’ve been able to apply to it. We’ve got a winery, we’ve got a bottling business as well,” he said.

Jeanneret said the company had recently appointed a new brewer as well as a dedicated sales manager.

It has also signed its first interstate distribution deal with Melbourne-based Tipsy Ant Premium Beverages, set up by former Clare Valley employee Kym Deckart.

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