Container deposit model proposed for Tasmania

cans aluminium container depsoit scheme

The Tasmanian Government says the proposed model for its container deposit scheme announced this week will provide the “best scheme” for the state.

The scheme, set to come into place in 2022, will ape the ‘split responsibility’ schemes adopted by NSW and ACT. It is also Victoria’s preferred model.

Tasmania is the last remaining state to implement a scheme, which will see consumers receiving a 10c refund for all eligible bottles and cans returned to specified refund points, in an effort to reduce waste and promote recycling.

Roger Jaensch, Member for Braddon and Minister of Environment and Parks, announced yesterday that the proposed scheme will see a coordinator running the administration and finance for the scheme, with a separate operator to control the network of refund points.

Contracts for coordinator and operator roles will be awarded through an open tender process after the legislation has been approved by parliament, he said.

However, the dual model for the scheme has faced difficulties in other states. In NSW the scheme has been criticised by the brewing and other drinks industries for its disorganisation and the unauthorised release of sales information by the operator.

In Victoria, the scheme has been censured before it has even been implemented for failing to include major stakeholders including the Independent Brewers Association in its industry engagement period.

Draft Container Refund Scheme (CRS) legislation for Tasmania will be released for consultation with the public and stakeholders in the first half of 2021, according to the Department of Primary Industries, Water, Parks and Environment.

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