Contract brewing services

Looking for somewhere to brew your creations? Or need extra production capacity? We can help!

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We offer contract brewing services at our home base in Marrickville.

Get in touch! Shoot us an email at for more info.

  • State of the art steam-heated 4-vessel 20hL brewhouse
  • Standard batch sizes of 4000, 6000, or 8000 litres
  • Over-sized mash and lauter tuns, allowing full size batches of high-gravity wort
  • Comprehensive lab setup
  • Centrifuge with adjustable speed – go as clear or as hazy as you desire
  • Inhouse canning line, wrap-around label applicator, 375ml cans
  • A-type keg washer & filler with steam sanitising
  • Advice on packaging and recipe design
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