Coopers Brewery looks to next generation

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Coopers looks to next generation

Coopers Brewery’s future has taken another step forward with Louise Cooper, the daughter of
Managing Director Dr Tim Cooper, joining the company.

Louise Cooper

Louise Cooper

Louise, who has degrees in law and health sciences, has worked as a lawyer for more than seven
years. She will join Coopers as Legal Affairs and Risk Manager and is the third member of the sixth
generation to take up a full-time role at the brewery.

Andrew Cooper, the son of Coopers’ Chairman Glenn Cooper, began working with the company in
Melbourne in 2017, while his sister, Rachel Cooper-Casserly worked in marketing between 2009
and 2016.

Dr Tim Cooper said Louise had always expressed a strong interest in the brewery.

“However, family members are not guaranteed a job at the brewery just because they are a
Cooper,” he said.

“They are encouraged to establish their own careers, and, if a position becomes available, they
may be invited to join the company.”

Louise said that when she was studying at secondary school and university, she had undertaken
vacation work at the brewery, working in areas ranging from the bottling line to distribution to
general administration.

“I have always been interested in working at the brewery, but I understood I had to make my own
way and worked in a number of different areas of law before I was offered a position at Coopers,”
she said.

“Now that I have joined, I’m looking forward to developing my understanding of how each area of
the brewery operates and interacts.

Louise said it was exciting to be part of the process that will eventually see the brewery transition
to the next generation.

“There’s no shortage of talented sixth generation Coopers who have expressed an interest in
joining the brewery should they be asked,” she said.

“So, while it’s far too early to talk about future management, Coopers will certainly remain in secure hands.”

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