Coopers competition winners announced

COOPERS - 2015 VINTAGE ALE (SIX PACK)Thanks to all those who entered the competition to win a Coopers time machine.

The competition asked readers to tell us, in 50 words or less, what was the most memorable year of their life and why.

We received many fantastic entries, but selected the following winners:

Zac Martin
2014, the year I decided to marry my fiance. I bonded with her father over a hand-pumped Coopers Extra Stout in Adelaide that allowed me to later ask him if I could marry his daughter. I attribute the fact they both said yes to that evening!

Paul Pacey
My most memorable year is 2012, which is the year my brother-in-law and
myself made a pact to collect each vintage of Cooper’s Extra Strong
Vintage Ale, so that we could enjoy a 7 year vertical tasting at our
respective 40th birthdays in 2018. I can’t wait!

Darryl Jones
The most memorable year of my life would have had to be 2013. This was
the year I was lucky enough to try the original 1998 Coopers Vintage Ale
after a mate found a full case in his garage. BEST DAY EVER!

Congratulations to Zac, Paul and Darryl.

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