CRM software for craft breweries

Get the CRM advantage enjoyed by 4 Pines, Holgate and Coopers Brewery – a CRM tool designed by liquor industry professionals.

Rhino CRM integrates with Xero, OnTap Data, Simtac Data and more!

Introducing a CRM tool designed by real salespeople in liquor.

ForteIS-logo-squareNever sacrificing functionality, Rhino is a one-of-a-kind tool in a market overpopulated with needlessly complex CRMs.

Due to its built-for-purpose design, Rhino is a go-to CRM for the Australian liquor industry.

Brewery sales teams now enjoying the Rhino system include Coopers, 4Pines and Holgate. With everyday use in mind, Rhino makes call planning and customer management a cinch for salespeople in the field, regardless of their technical abilities.

Your team will be armed with all the relevant information they need about their customers during calls or face-to-face visits, with Rhino available on any internet-connected device or offline on Android tablets.

Management will also benefit from flexible activity reports, granting the necessary insights to inform business decisions and productivity assessments.

Rhino is a modular system that can be easily integrated with any existing systems via our API or an FTP instance. Xero, OnTap Data and Simtac are just a few of the systems that integrate seamlessly with Rhino!

With the support of the ForteIS team, your experience with Rhino will be tailored to your specific business needs, ensuring you get the most out of your CRM.

Contact the team at ForteIS today to find out how Rhino can support your sales team to grow your business!

You can call Laura on 0438 298 333 or send an email to

Empower your sales team with Rhino:

  • Integrate your customer, product and sales data with Rhino for your team to easily access in the field.
  • Save photos as well as notes against your customer records.
  • Improve sales productivity and client relationship outcomes.
  • Communicate from the back office via pop-up alerts.
  • Generate activity reports for powerful insights.
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